Following the break up of the Soviet union, a gang of children from broken homes made a new life together inside the derelict buildings of a once secret weapons manufacturing city, near Siberia.

In their childhood innocence, they thought they were living a fairytale dream of freedom, but with starvation and sub zero temperatures crippling their health, reality soon hit home.

Despite their efforts to care for one another, three members of their group died.

For the survivors: they must try against hopeless odds to turn their lives around.

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  • A Russian Fairytale is a visually stunning film showing the awful contradiction between
    their day-to-day tooth-and-claw struggles and the fairytale dreams they desperately escape into.
    Lord John Bird - Founder of The Big Issue

  • A Russian Fairytale is a brilliantly compelling and unwavering piece of filmmaking,
    quite literally going underground to show people how life really is for these youths.
    Ben Nicholson - Cine-vue * * * *

  • This important social film took part in several international film festivals,
    where it managed to receive not only awards, but also audience recognition.
    Ваш Досуг * * * *

  • This hard hitting documentary doesn’t pull any punches in its
    depiction of homelessness in a once prosperous Soviet city.


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