CAA Authorised Drone Pilot

With my experience cutting and colour grading brand-funded social content, commercials and films, I know exactly what kind of aerial shots work best.

Using over 15 years of post-production experience, I can also turn projects around quickly by reviewing and editing right there on location.

You can read about a case study of my on-location workflow in this Definition Magazine feature.

Please get in touch to request any details.

Operating a drone legally and safely as part of your project is much simpler than you might think and can save money on jibs, scaffolding, cherrypickers and cranes in order to get that hard to reach shot you need.

Four Tailored


No matter the size of the project, drones bring a unique perspective, whether it's cinematic or practicle. It will also be cost effective with a fast turnaround.


Perfect for events, hotels, real estate and site surveys, high-res aerial photography is an affordable way to capture a hard-to-reach shot safely and easily.

3D Mapping

Affordable 3D mapping is relatively new and a cost-saving way to easily share construction plans and up-to-date ground details around a business.

Construction & Inspections

The drone has made a huge impact on the construction industry, saving the need for cranes and scaffolding.

Price & Kit

All of my prices are fully customised for your project. This typically involves a competitive day-rate which includes kit and insurance. Footage can be supplied raw, as trimmed rushes or can be fully edited and made
ready for your platform. (Website, YouTube, Instagram, Television etc).

Contact me with details of your project for an immediate quote and a breakdown of the workflow, from planning the shoot to uploading the finished video.

It's much simpler than you might think!

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have the legal requirements?

Yes, I have an Operational Authorisation from the CAA. This means I will comply with strict safety regulations for drones over 250g. You can request a copy of my Operational Authorisation here.

Do you have correct insurance?

Yes, as part of the CAA requirement all commercial drone operators need insurance. Mine is fully compliant with the European law EC 785/2004. This can be provided on request.

Can you send me an accurate quote?

Yes, I will email a form requesting details about the site, the project and the time and travel needed. After checking that the site is safe to fly from I can give you an accurate quote for my services.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, the quote would detail all of the possible costs inclusive. I would give you the clear option of opting in to any additional services, such as video editing or additional filming.

Do you have any conditions?

Only related to weather. If the job is booked with an outlook of good weather and the weather suddenly turns bad, I can allow a rebooking. However, a small deposit would need to be paid.

What hours is a full day?

Drone operations will be fully planned and usually cover the necessary shots within 1-2 hours. After footage is reviewed, a further 1-2 hours would cover any remaining shots, or re-takes.

Does the job include photography

The job would normally be specified as a photography job or a filming job, however the two can quite easily merge. It would be best to focus on one and then the other where possible.

Can you do the video editing?

As I am a seasoned video editor, I can cut the video, even on location where necessary. My rates for editing will be tailored for your need, from a basic hourly rate to a full day rate for a polished edit.

What equipment do I use?

I operate a DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro. This requires one operator but an observer is helpful. It’s possible to use a staff member as an observer once they have been briefed.

Can you film in Central London?

Yes, I have experience filming in central London. Some areas require an NSF request with NATS and communication with Police Ranger Control (PaDP), but in most cases the flights are straightforward.

What are the travel costs?

This would be the standard petrol cost or train fare. It would also include flights and basic accommodation if necessary. Drones of this size are very easy to transport and are ideal for remote filming locations.

Can you film indoors?

Yes, it is possible where space is available to safely film indoors. This can include conference rooms, warehouses, museums and hotels. Please give as many details as you can when you get in touch.

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