About Me

I have been video editing and photoshopping since I was a teenager. At 16, using every means possible I bought a Pinnacle video card for my Power Mac and I was blown away by the possibilities.

I chased my editing dreams through college and university (Bournemouth and Toronto) and putting all my skills on the table I later directed the award winning documentary A Russian Fairytale which premiered in Moscow in 2013.

Since then I have been freelancing as a commercial editor, building up a portfolio of brand-funded, short-form, long-form, documentary, music videos and TV ads.

In 2015 I set about adding colour grading to my skill set
and joined the London based advertising agency Adjust Your Set (now Oliver) as their in-house colourist, grading for brands such as Marks & Spencer, Nike and Siemens.

2 years later I picked up my first drone and since then I have been extremely privileged to have shot aerial footage for BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and many independent and commercial productions.

I’m now happily taking on all types of projects whether it’s editing, grading or droning.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the edits you’ve done for us.
    Thank you so much to you and your team for producing such great work especially on such tight timelines.  Helen Reece - Marketing Director - Nando's

  • On a recent project Jake produced fabulous work out of nowhere, forming super slick films that really shouldn’t have been possible.  He’s also a really, really nice guy and super accommodating – just the type of freelance editor we love. Emmy Smith - Managing Director - Milsen Smith

  • Jake is a life-saver. An endless source of creative input, energy, dedication and positivity.
    He can find story and emotion in raw content and elevate projects way beyond the sum of their parts. Dan Hammersley - Managing Director - Hold Your Fire

  • Jake makes every video project a breeze. He has the rare ability to understand someone else’s vision, while bringing some extra editing magic!  Victoria Cairns - Creative Director, Ink & Air Productions

  • Creative, Flexible, Unflappable, Jake was a pleasure to work with, even whilst juggling multiple projects, under intense deadlines.  His calm, can-do attitude always found a solution and the final outputs looked fabulous. Clare Sutton - Video Production Executive - MCM Creative Group

  • With Jake, I know I'll get someone who can subtly create empathy in a narrative without relying on tired cliches or tricks. It's a pretty rare talent and one he carries with a heartfelt passion and genuine modesty. 100% recommend. Doug Hurcombe - Creative Director - Adjust Your Set

  • Jake brought a brilliant energy to a super challenging brief.
    I can't appreciate enough his adaptability and organised logic across varied briefs. Dani Greenwald - Lead Creative - Visit Britain / AYS

  • When our go-to editor was unavailable, we panicked. Luckily, Google introduced us to Jake.
    At short notice he created a film our client fell in love with. Working with Jake was also a breeze. David Knights - Creative Director - POSSIBLE

  • Jake picked up a project at the last minute and delivered exactly what the client required.
    He’s responsive, adaptable and supported us throughout. Definitely #1 on our list of editors.  Simeon Klein - Producer - Kids Industries

  • We have really enjoyed working with Jake here at digital:works. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. He always listened to what we wanted and used his expertise to make sure of a top quality outcome. Sav Kyriacou - Senior Producer - digital:works

  • Jake is an incredibly competent editor who picks up projects very quickly. Jake's attitude, attention to detail and efficiency clearly shows that he would be a valuable member of any team. I am also a massive fan of his photoshop skills! Madeline Moores - Senior Producer - Group FMG

  • If you’re not sure what you want, hand your project to Jake and watch what happens.
    If you do know what you want, it’ll end up far better than expected. Michael Redwood - Director - Decline of an Empire