Phantom 4 Pro+ & the extras

Choosing kit can be a headache and expensive - to save you time, check out my list and decide what you really need.

The first thing, if you don't already have one, is to choose your drone. If you're new to the industry this pretty much a choice between a Phantom 4 Pro (or 5 if you can wait until next year), or a Mavic Pro. Both are great drones and the main two things it came down to for me was size and camera quality. The Mavic wins on size but the Phantom wins on picture quality. I can still easily travel with the Phantom, I just don't have much room for the other non-essential things, you know, like clothes.

Phantom 4 Pro Kit

This is just a guide as to what you may want to purchase, but not all are necessary.

*This is not a sponsored post with referral links. It's 100% non-biased.*